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Helen Milner

Helen Milner

Helen Milner is the Chief Executive of Tinder Foundation, a social enterprise and staff owned mutual in the UK. She is passionate about the benefits to individuals that digital technologies bring. Her priorities are to build capacity in local communities and to ensure that people get the capability they need to reap the opportunities of the web and 'digital by default' service delivery, and in the three years 2010 - 2013 her organisation and their hyper-local partners have helped 1.2 million people to do just that using the Foundation’s learning platform www.learnmyway.com. She’s now working on a range of new products such as www.communityhowto.com and http://digitalhousinghub.ning.com/ - to drive the use of digital by millions more people and thousands of organisations in the UK and elsewhere.

Helen has over 25 years experience of working on the internet, starting in 1985 in the private sector with TTNS, developing online education services for schools. Then working in online services for schools and students in Australia and Japan in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Helen ran the ippr and University of Sunderland 'university for industry' pilot in 1997 that informed the creation of learndirect. She joined the newly formed Ufi in 1999 and helped to create and lead the learndirect learning network. Working closely with Government Ministers and officials since the 1990s Helen’s ambition is to ensure that the UK doesn’t leave anyone behind as the nation becomes more and more digital. In 2012 she was included in the the Digital Hall of Fame for the 20 influential Britons in digital. Helen is a Commissioner for Social Mobility for Brent Council, and is a member of The House of Commons Speaker’s Commission for Digital Democracy.


Henrik HanssonHenrik Hansson

Henrik Hansson is associate professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University. He is coordinator of the research group "ICT for Development" and also a member of another research group "Technology enhanced learning". He is conceptual developer of the SciPro system and coordinator of more than 350 thesis writing students and more than 70 supervisors yearly at the department. He has also been an ICT-advisor and developer at the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation, Sida Civil Society Centre. He was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education, Stockholm University, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of International Education, Stockholm University, Senior Adviser at the Swedish Net University Agency, and a Research and Development Adviser at the Swedish Agency for Distance Education. Current research activities include two EU-projects "My University" focused on democracy processes in higher education and "We.Learn.It" which is focused on creativity and innovation In European schools. Furthermore within the framework of two large scale Sida-funded projects, one targeting decision makers in 12 developing countries "ICT and Pedagogical Development"  and the other with the aim to support capacity building in Rwanda (planning stage), a large number of studies are carried out.


Sebastian Gjerding är journalist vid den danska dagstidningen Information.

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